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Bandemonium Youth Project Channel

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It began as a dream and deep passion. It has now become a program where accomplishment, a  sense of purpose and meaning,  achieving goals, building confidence by discovering their passions of music and being a part of something  where a solid foundation for our next generatijon of muscians is created with support, encouraagement, guidance,  empowering  and challenging youth to cultivate and inspire them to reach their full potential. 

Helping to fulfill their creative dreams with an extensive network

MEDIA RELEASE              NDA


BEFORE submitting  your form  You will find the documentation we need you to sign, attached to thie below.. It must be signed in either BLUE or BLACK INK. It MUST be your actual signature, NOT A TYPED NAME. Once the documents are signed please attach to this submission form. If you are under the age of 18 AN ADULT MUST SIGN ON YOUR BEHALF


Before you are accepted we require that you sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. This protects YOU and other members' privacy, intellectual property, Bandemonium and all subsidiaries. You are also required to sign a media release form. This allows Bandemonium and all subsidiaries to distribute your media for promotional purposes only. We DO NOT take your royalties. ALL your material is 100% your material. If Bandemonium produces a production from your material you will receive royalties for YOUR material, but not from the final production (documentaries etc) PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL YOUR MEDIA IS CODED SO YOU ARE PROTECTED AND RECEIVE THE ROYALTIES FROM YOUR WORK