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Bandemonium is a Nonprofit Organization comprised of musicians helping musicians to create the premiere experience of a supportive environment. Any money that is earned from sales or sponsorship go towards the artists, bands, musicians, charities, and the Bandemonium Scholarship.


We all work together and share our knowledge and experience with one another to build a network as well as a community-based platform. We help each other build and grow social media, fan bases as well as establish connections with industry executives and professionals. 

Bandemonium has started a huge #StopPayToPlay movement and is working hard to abolish the pay-to-play mentality. It is the stance of Bandemonium that bands should never pay to play and should instead be paid for their hard work, art, and time.

Bandemonium only works with a small number of acts that we consider the most credible artists at any one given time. Bandemonium has decades of professional music and media industry experiences in both the US and international markets. We are recognized by many of the most influential music and entertainment industry executives from around the globe for its ability to discover and develop talent, playing a key role in assisting artists with multiple needs well before their local, regional, national and international successes. Assisting artists and/or their support teams, as well as top executives and decision-makers in various arenas, offering access to our vast global relationships and insight with A&R executives, label heads, Production companies, film/TV/gaming music supervisors, music publishers, artist managers, producers, concert bookers/promoters, broadcast media, trendsetter radio outlets, online/digital/mobile platforms, distribution networks, press/media, advertising agencies, international trade organizations, consumer brands, technology companies and trade fairs/seminars.

We work closely with 3MMM Network (Australia), CBS, Citadel, Clear Channel, Cox, Cumulus, iHeart Radio, Emmis, Entercom, Last.FM, MTV Radio, ESPN Radio, Premiere Radio Networks, Westwood One, NPR, Pandora, Slacker, Sirius XM, Sony (Columbia, RCA, Epic), UMG (Interscope, Island, Def Jam, Mercury, Motown Universal/Republic), WMG (Atlantic, Warner Bros., Reprise), Absolute Radio International, Flux FM (Germany) Astral Radio Canada, Virgin Radio Middle East, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2 (UK), Triple J Radio (Australia), P4 (Norway), P3 (Sweden), 5FM (South Africa), Hit FM (China), Eon Radio (Asia), Tokyo FM (Japan), Triton Media, Yahoo!, SoundCloud, Shazam, Arbitron, PBS, MTV/VH1 RADIO, PBS, and hundreds of others.



We help develop a plan that will provide ultimate exposure to your market. We focus on strategic branding – utilizing the social media platforms that impact your brand the most by strategizing and executing anything in the social media realm, You’ll receive influencer marketing, and social media advertising, community  and fanbase building and engagement. 

Social media marketing isn't just about posts and self-promotion. It’s about sharing your brand’s unique story and connecting with your audience on a personal level.  Today the music industry is driven by exposure and the average attention span of visitors to your social media is very short.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are not streaming services or music apps in a stringently technical sense but those are pivotal to holistic promotion.

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

Artists rely on multiple platforms and try to bring all their fans onto monetizing channels. Sharing a song on Facebook or Twitter, promoting on Instagram and YouTube, sharing tracks on SoundCloud, Spotify and the remaining platforms listed below, are quintessential requirements. 

  • YouTube

  • Soundcloud

  • ITunes

  • Spotify

  • Shazam

  • Pandora

  • Amazon Music

  • Google Play Music

  • Bandcamp



Bandemonium works with the artists in phases to gain exposure via;

  1. Airplay rotation. Your music will be distributed to over 5,000 radio stations, including terrestrial, commercial, public, community and college stations. We only send your music to stations that pay out royalties from airplay on the radio

  2. Reviews on radio, TV, magazines, newpapers, blogs and podcasts

  3. Interviews on radio, Podcasts, TV, Vlogs and in magazines, blogs and newspapers

  4. Live TV performances. Your videos will also be added to multiple TV stations and channels (both online and cable) where each play will earn you royalties

  5. We acquire endorsements for our members

  6. Provide multiple strategies and avenues from which to earn income via streaming and royalties

  7. Build your social media and fanbase on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube targeted towards your demographic audience

  8. Get added to a number of music charts that labels, and other industry professionals regularly watch and monitor

  9. Go VIRAL on music platforms such as;  Soundcloud, ITunes, Spotify,  Shazam, Pandora, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Bandcamp

  10. Learn how to monetize your platforms to earn income from your hard work.

  11. Your videos will be added to all of the UBER SURF IN-CAR ADVERTISING and entertainment screens. Your videos will be played and all your social media will be added. Every time your video plays, you will receive royalties

  12. Placement onto festivals that Bandemonium is either working with and/or on any Bandemonium festival as direct support to the headlining major international band. No buy-on's and you will be paid

  13. Submitted to the Grammy's, VMA's and many independant and unsgined music and video awards. Bandemonium also is setting up a music award system where ALL proceeds go toward the musicans scholarship and charity fund

  14. Submissions to record labels, PR companies, booking agents and artist management companies

  15. Get to go on tour or do shows with other members or headlining bands

  16. Be a part of the STOP PAY TO PLAY Movement (2500 band project)

  17. Special programs for youth which is supported by Alice Coopers Solid Rock project and our Youth project (Nextgen Project)

  18. Receive education on coding your music, building EPK's, Onesheets/factsheets, distribution, royalties, branding, riders, social media building and verification, entertainment attorneys and lots more

  19. Building your brand and business

  20. Get your own app for your band

  21. WIKI page buiding

  22. Have access to the musicans scholarship and relief fund

  23. Suuport Youth with specific projects

  24. Support women with specific projects

  25. Merchandising



Music marketing is the holistic development of your band's overall package to acquire new listeners and convert them into loyal fans. In a way, it is more strategic and sustainable as your are integrating the smaller parts of your "business" to create a saleable image both to fans and business partners. It is actually just like the 5Ps in traditional marketing:

  • Product: Obviously, this is your music. What's your genre/sound? What makes your music different from the others? What will make you standout from the rest?

  • Price: how much are you charging for you song/live performance/band merch?

  • Placement: Where do you sell your product - record stores, online, iTunes, Spotify? Which radio stations do you want your song to be played? Which venues/events/festivals do you want to play?

  • Promotions: What activities do you do to bring in more listeners and fans? Do you place Facebook advertisements? Do you give free tickets to the first 50 people who go to your show? Do you do brand-band partnerships similar to what Red Bull does in their Music Academy?

  • People: Who are your listeners/fans? What is their profile? How do they consumer music? What kind of music and image appeals to them? What do they want to see in your shows?

It is important to know these aspects of yourself as a musician as it will ultimately dictate how you will be presenting yourself to the public, potential fans, and of course, to business owners aka music labels. Having a firm identity is very very important as it will help you standout against competition. By doing so, you'll know exactly how you'll navigate your way by coming up with strategies that will help you get through.

Music promotion

  1. Live Music Promotion. Gigs are a great place to promote your new album or song

  2. Social Media  lets fans know what you're up to. They like the stories, pictures and video of not just your music but of you as a band

  3. Your webstie. Fans will stop by and be exposed to your albums, merch, and tickets.

  4. Collaborate with Other Musicians. with bands in a similar genre or with similar fanbase demographics. Get your music in front of a new group of people and grow your fanbase exponentially. 

  • Music plaforms

  • YouTube

  • Soundcloud

  • ITunes

  • Spotify

  • Shazam

  • Pandora

  • Amazon Music

  • Google Play Music

  • Bandcamp






Artist Development for the 21st Century. Become a better artist and attract supportive fans!​ Bandemonium will help you create the elements that reflect your image and sound in the most authentic and attractive way to connect to your audience. We will help you discover your artistic strengths and creative assets, and merge them with your music production and persona.


  • Logo

  • Identity

  • Website

  • Social Media

  • Perception


  • Photos

  • Attire

  • Hair

  • Makeup

  • Style


  • Recroding

  • Bio​

  • Music Videos

  • EPK

  • Articles and Blogs

  • Interviews

  • Merchandise

  • Features


  • Vocal coaching

  • Stage presence

  • Band formation

  • Shows

  • Broadcasts

  • Tour preperation

  • Fan interaction



Bandemonium will liaise, represent and establish working relationships between you and those in the media. Media is traditionally defined as editors and writers of blogs, podcasts, newspapers, magazines, and some TV bookers and cover radio for interviews or live sessions on tour stops

Radio airplay exposure is still the most important and effective way to have your music heeard. We create a demand for your music. Get access to our network of collaborators and our strategies to get very fast results.  We also submit you to be interviewd on TV, have your video airplayed and perform. 



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