Telling His Story: Interview with CAMU

Lisabeth Johnson: CAMU you sound as if you’re singing your autobiography.

CAMU: Essentially, The One You Leave behind is about me leaving the old me behind at one point in time. I thought it was a cool subject to write about, going out into the world to see where you land and who you become. The idea for the lyrics actually came about through me coming up with the concept for the video.

LJ: Your first song has such a lighthearted lift to it, this one “The One You Leave Behind” feels heavier. Emotionally.

CAMU: Both songs represent different time periods in my life. Empire represents me 7-6 years ago, no kids and living it up in NYC, great times. TOYLB represents me lyrically 4-3 years ago. The last song of the Trilogy will represent me now.

LJ: When you left Helsinki what reaction came from your family?

CAMU: There was no reaction as they didn't know I was leaving. I didn't know it either while going to the airport. While flying over Helsinki I knew I had just started my journey, I'm still on it.

LJ: It was a huge undertaking with a wife and kids. Did you and your wife intend to start something in particular? Was music apart of that something?

CAMU: When we had our son in NYC we quickly realized after a few months that we needed to bounce and start something more stable for our family. Right decision. We didn't know what, but we worked our asses off for the last 4 years to build up our own business and did it. It's about the journey, not the destination. Music was merely a soundtrack, now that I want to do it again it's become a bigger part again.

LJ: This last video was filled with almost every frightening element known to humankind. Was there ever a point during filming you thought, “um maybe we ought to quit.”

CAMU: Yes, when I came real close to dying almost falling down a waterfall. I fell into the stream on top of a 40' tall waterfall and was 2 seconds away from going over the edge when I managed to grab onto a rock on the edge, that saved me. I then dove into the undertow and swam for my life as I had no other choice. Once I managed to get out we left as we had simultaneously crashed the drone. We changed waterfalls after that and didn't return.

LJ: Do you feel these two songs have helped you somehow heal or come full circle? Why this trilogy?

CAMU: Absolutely. It has made up for lost time and tunes on my part. I wanted to put out this Trilogy to bring myself and the people who enjoy my music up to speed on all thing music regarding me. It just felt like the right thing to do and it fits what I wanted to do, make music in a way that fits my life under my own circumstances.

LJ: What’s your life’s philosophy or motto? CAMU: Go with the flow

LJ: Will these three songs eventually find their way onto an album?

CAMU: I really hope so. That would be great.

LJ: What is your vision? Is it just to play your music or is this all leading for you and even your children to something greater?

CAMU: I have had the same obsession since I was 4 years old, all of these songs are bricks in the road to get there. One day I will be satisfied.

I will keep writing songs until my goal is reached.

LJ: When can we expect the third song of the trilogy and any hints in its direction?

CAMU: I had finished what I thought would be the third song before Christmas, but I am going to wait to release that song and I am currently writing a new song to be #3.

I have a very cool video concept for #3 I am going to film it on yet another continent. It's going to be great to finish the Trilogy with something brand new.




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