BXMMAG - Q: "What was your journey like to get where you are now?" LARA WHELAN - A: Words can't describe the roller coaster it has been. Sometimes it's been excruciatingly painful and other times it's been almost euphoric. It's been extremely fulfilling and certainly a challenge to say the least. Nothing gets me motivated more than a good a challenge. Especially when someone says that I can't or won't be able to do it. I prove them wrong! BXMMAG - Q: "In one word, describe yourself" LARA WHELAN - A: Driven

BXMMAG - Q: "Tell me about yourself" LARA WHELAN - A: I grew up in a small town called Sunbury in Australia. Had pretty much a normal life. My parents were very hardworking, driven, self motivated people that taught me nothing in life comes for free. You have to work, blood sweat and tears to achieve you goals, and never, never give up on your dreams. My dad used to take us camping all the time, on road rips and amazing adventures! He got us into competitive BMX racing and onto the swim team for our town. This taught me discipline, competitiveness and to chase your goals. My mother was a very loving and supportive woman who always gave the best advice, to this day I use her advice she gave me when I was younger. I left home at a very young age, and was forced of the ways of the world. My passion was music and the universe.

I joined a band at 15 and we did nothing but push. We finally got picked up by a label and toured the world! WOW, did that teach me a lot! As I got older I started to promote unsigned bands and helped them get signed. Then 15 years ago I moved to the USA and saw how horribly bands were treated here. Making bands pay to play? Forcing them to sell their own tickets? Hmm, who pays their boss to work for him? Who makes people do the jobs you're supposed to be doing? It blew me away. So I changed the name of my company and viola!! Here we are!! Helping musicians help themselves and keep ALL the money they make! Oh and for the universe, I will start college for astrophysics soon!!

BXMMAG - Q: "What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?" LARA WHELAN - A: SURVIVE BXMMAG - Q: "Tell me about your failures" LARA WHELAN - A: Ouch! Well as you progress you learn, and boy did I learn along way. I learned that some people, no matter what you do for them for free, still have entitlement issues and believe the world owes them everything. I worked with a few of these types and turned a blind eye a few times, and boy did it burn me! Never again. I failed on occasions because I didn't know enough about what I was doing and it cost me big time. But they are mistakes/failures I will never repeat again

BXMMAG - Q: "How old were you when you had your first job?" LARA WHELAN - A: I was 13! My parents wanted me to learn the value of money and work. I loved my first job! I loved the feeling of having my own money, the satisfaction it gave me of knowing I worked for it and I could pay my parents some money for rent/board to learn how to budget. YEP 13!!!

BXMMAG - Q: "What are you like away from work? LARA WHELAN - A: I'm a complete nerd. If I could sit on my XBOX all day If I could! I love gaming online, I'm really into astrophysics and anything to do with the universe. I love netflix, travellling, snowboarding (can't do it very well), Rollerblading, and doing some crazy stuff like Skydiving, roller coasters! anything to do with adrenaline rushes, Paintball, go carts, lazer tag and of course MUSIC

BXMMAG - Q: "How do you learn?" LARA WHELAN - A: I learn by listening to others, by my mistakes, self education and I learn very fast BXMMAG - Q: "What are you 3 biggest accomplishments?" LARA WHELAN - A: Being in the band and getting signed to a major label.

BXMMAG - Q: "When it's all over, how do you want to be remembered?" LARA WHELAN - Just as a good mother and provider for my family... and if for the sake of this question, FOR CHANGING THE WAY UNSIGNED/INDEPENDENT ARTISTS ARE TREATED.

If you’re intrigued by what you’ve read, be sure to check out and follow Lara out via her social media links below, and support the cause, LARA WHELAN'S SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Official Website:

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