JonvaL -“Underwater” - Music Video Review

The video for JonvaL’s track “Underwater” can be summed up in one word: clever.

The Sydney-based indie rock band has gained a reputation for their soulful and melodic music, elements that are hallmarks of their track “Underwater.” And although their live event schedule around Sydney keeps them busy, JonvaL has been hard at work in the studio preparing for the release of their debut album which is set to release later this year.

Released back in February, the video for “Underwater” has been receiving substantial praise on YouTube. With its water effects dominating the first minute and a half, the video at first seems pretty simple. Given that the song has a pretty straight forward sound and composition, this seems appropriate. However, when the band jumps into a pool, instruments and all, and start playing underwater, the video and the song cleverly come together. The cheeky smiles and air bubbles give a lightness and playfulness to the video. It quickly becomes apparent as the band plays underwater, that had the video stuck with the water effects that were exhibited in the intro, the video would have quickly become boring. Instead, as the music video ends with the band members spitting water at the camera, viewers will find themselves smiling and with lightened spirits.

The video for “Underwater” is well deserving of the praise and attention that it has been getting. And with this video to wet-the-appetites of viewers, it can be anticipated that many audiences will be eagerly waiting to see what comes next from JonvaL.

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