March 6, 2017

With a feel in metal that melds harmony and heavy hardcore the band 24 Thorns bring a few stylistic elements to their sound. The ‘metal health’ scene is alive and kicking as fans are purchasing tickets and demanding more music purchases for metal and hard rock. Reaching back to those bare-bone roots is where 24 Thorns began, and as their own unique brand of heavy hardcore continues to develop, so does their fan base. The entire band from 24 Thorns recently sat down and talked about their unique approach to their sound, the importance of studio and live performance, plus their plans for a new studio album, a video, and a tour all in 2017.




SR: A new style of melodic heavy music, was the first thing to grab the attention spot.  In a field so diverse how did you go about developing a new style and is it completely you feel unique to 24 Thorns



JOKER: I do feel that the style is unique to 24 Thorns. Melodic metal though was something that has come along as of late, which is a style in itself. Harmony mixed with heavy hardcore.


CHUCK: I feel it is unique to 24 Thorns, as we weren’t trying to develop a new style it just came naturally when we started playing together, each member adds their own influences to the music and when it all comes together melodic metal is what you get.


STORM: As the guitarist for 24 Thorns I feel like it has a lot to do with our individual styles. We all have a heavy back ground but also enjoy sensible music as well. I personally base my whole guitar style on how well my clean channel sounds. That to me is super important and I feel it helps mellow the compositions.

DANIEL: Each of us come from different musical backgrounds.  I myself played heavier music in my previous band.  Which I brought to 24 Thorns. Other members have that more melodic sound so we mix the two and get the 24 Thorns sound.

CHRIS: Styles come and go, it’s hard to anticipate what listeners are going to enjoy from month to month. 24 Thorns brings a few stylistic elements to the sound that I feel and connect with. After the band evolving over time, it’s become a melting pot of influences.


SR: Overall what would you say the health of the metal scene is like currently? Is it still changing and developing or are we witnessing a desire to reconnect with the original bones of metal?

JOKER: The scene is there, but not as it used to be. I do think there is a great desire to reconnect with the roots of metal and see more people at shows again.

CHUCK: I feel the metal scene is healthy as possible with the scene being flooded with millennial type music, but as anything else in life if it doesn’t evolve from its origin, than it will surely perish, but the classics will never die, as they are the foundation of an ever changing scene.

STORM: I feel in my opinion that metal never died or dies. It’s a particular niche market and the fans that enjoy metal are life time fans. I’ve noticed that some genre’s will mostly be a temporary niche. And if they don’t adapt to the times then the flop.

DANIEL: I personally feel that it is still changing and developing all the time. Most recent example is asking Alexandria.  They mix electronic dub step type music into their music which is really cool.

CHRIS: The scene is always developing and changing. City to city, community to community there’s support for metal in many venues and not so much in others. Fans always enjoy the opportunity to connect with the bands and musicians that they were moved by, I believe fans will always desire to reconnect with the original bones of metal.













     (At Alice Cooper's Town in Phoenix Arizona)                 (At the Whisky A GO GO in Hollywood, Los                                                                                                               Angeles, California)



SR: Many people do not understand the amount or what devotion to music is. In general most people are not capable it would seem of making full on commitments, how is it 24 Thorns has managed to keep this drive in forward motion and keep it firm?

JOKER: It’s all about family, friends, support of the fans, positive attitudes, working hard and believing in the dream. You have to reach out and grab it.

CHUCK: We thrive as a band because we are a very family orientated group, we all have each other’s backs whether in personal or business, and this is key to keeping the sound tight throughout the ups and downs that no one