Interview with Vanessa Delaine

Vanessa Delaine is a multi-award winning Australian Country Blues artist who released her “Runaway” album and has been performing here, there and everywhere ever since. BXMMAG were fortunate enough to catch up with Vanessa for an exclusive interview on her journey and her growing success on her music career so far

Q.1) BXMMAG: So Vanessa, you’ve been writing and performing for a long time now, how did you find your passion for music and where did it all begin? A) VANESSA: My Dad was an entertainer so I was always surrounded by music, so it was a very natural thing for me to do. We were always singing in front of people. I started learning guitar at 11 years old and song-writing around about that age. I toured regional NSW with my Dad when I was 16 years old and began singing in pubs and around the Sydney music circuit. I released my first single and award-winning album which was a country album. Then moved to Auckland and played in the music scene there for three years.

Q.2) BXMMAG: What are some of the struggles you yourself have faced on your musical journey so far?

A) VANESSA: I knew as a child that this was the path for me even though there have been times when I stopped trusting that knowledge and deviated. It was my source of strength for recovery after a car accident injured my back when I was in my early twenties and that fuelled me to record my first album but then I also gave up singing at one point for ten years after a relationship ended. My friends and family tried very hard to get me to sing again I think I was so crushed I gave up believing in myself. I honestly didn’t believe I would sing again and whenever I tried to sing I had crippling performance anxiety but sometimes life takes you on a journey and sometimes you have no idea where it’s going to go but you just got to hang on for the ride and so I did and something happened that brought me back on to this path and I am so thankful for that now. Moving to Wodonga has also been a big part of my finding my voice again and it honestly just amazes me that I am able to do what I love again. Q.3) BXMMAG: Recently you’ve been touring your latest album “Runaway” (released in December 2015), can you tell us some of the places you have managed to tour and what the experience has been like for you so far? A) VANESSA: I have really enjoyed touring this Runaway Album. We have been up to The Tamworth Country Music Festival, Dubbo NSW, Parkes NSW, Canberra ACT, Kempsey NSW, Adelaide Scorcher Festival SA, Mt Gambier SA, Beechworth VIC, Yackandandah Folk Festival, Wahgunyah VIC and Albury NSW and Wodonga VIC and I’m heading to Perth for a Festival in May. We have also been asked to play in QLD so I’m still working on that one. We have had amazing audiences and people are loving the music wherever we go.

Q.4) BXMMAG: Since the release of the “Runaway” album, you were fortunate enough to make enough noise that you ended up having songs nominated for a couple awards at the 2017 Akademia International Music Awards. What awards did you win and for what songs? A) VANESSA: Best Blues Song – Moon Blues (May 2016) Akademia International Music Awards Best Country Blues – Long Gone (July 2016) Akademia International Music Awards

Q.5) BXMMAG: You’re attending the annual gala in Pasadena to receive these awards in April this year. How did you feel when you found out you had become an Award Winning artist and do you have any other plans whilst you’re visiting the USA? A) VANESSA: When I got the email that I won I think I burst into tears because I was so shocked and happy. It was such a surprise and an honour and I think it has fuelled my faith in my music so much. I wasn’t going to go to the awards but then I received the official invitation and realised that I actually needed to be there. I’m very excited to be going to Los Angeles and looking forward to checking out the music scene while I’m there. I plan to do some singing while I’m there.

Q.6) BXMMAG: Do you have any plans from when you return from the states? A new album maybe? A) VANESSA: Since winning these awards things have really been taking off for me both here at home and around the world. Moon Blues is now playing on over 100 radio stations around the world. We are about to start recording a music videos for Moon Blues and another one for Long Gone in the next couple of months and will also be recording a new album in July 2017. I am so excited to be working on the music videos and new album and so delighted at how the songs are coming along.

Q.7) BXMMAG: Describe yourself using only one word. A) VANESSA: Passionate

Q.8) BXMMAG: Apart from being a self-managed independent artist, you are also the mother of two girls. How do you manage to find the balance between your family life and your music? A) VANESSA: It’s definitely a juggling act. I’m so thankful that both my girls are musical and love to go on an adventure with me. In fact one of them said she wants to do a cover of one of my new songs recently which is a pretty big compliment coming from a teenager but I think mostly they are just loving that I am so happy.

Q.9) BXMMAG: Where do you hope to see your music take you in another 10 years time?

A) VANESSA: 10 years! Wow! Hopefully I will still be singing and doing what I love. I hope that I have made a few more albums and toured Australia, NZ and hopefully some parts of the USA.

Q.10) BXMMAG: What advice do you have for anyone who would be interested in pursuing a career in music or as a Blues artist

?A) VANESSA: Believe in Yourself. Trust yourself. Only take advise from people who truly have your best interest at heart.

VANESSA DELAINE SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: SoundCloud: ReverbNation: iTunes: GooglePlay: Official Website:

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