Hi my names SCOTT TAIT. (Scottstage) Im a stage and guitar technician/roadie, Works at Bandemonium i am Stage hand director and Artist Rep for Melbourne.Also a qualified painter and decorator. Self employed. I do stage, sound and lights for famous bands and cover bands here in Melbourne, Australia for bands like, Psuedo Echo, Idols of the 80s, Go West, Howard Jones, Russell Morris, Jim Keays, Paul Young, Tony Hadley, John Paul Young, Normie Rowe and the Playboys, Bobby Bright, Bob Bongo’ Starkie, Freddy’ Struags` Straughenhoffenbottom, Ross Hannaford, Wayne Duncan, Ronnie Burns, Darryl Cotton, Marty Roane, Glen Shorrick, Frankie J Holden, Wiblur Wylde, Boom Crash Opera, Brian Mannix, Scott Carne, Tony Worseley, TottieGoldsmith, Ally Fowler,  David Sterry, Joe Dolche, Jon


English, Paul Gray, Dale Ryder, Sean Kelly and many many others. Way too many to mention them all. I also have organised bands and musicians and sound crews for a local Christmas festival. I have been in the music industry for twenty plus years. My skills are music. I have worked with various sound crews doing sound/ monitors and lighting for pub gigs here in Melbourne over the years but I mainly did stage. I did stage for myself no company. I also advertise and audition musicians for bands needing musicians and singers for popular bands here in melbourne. Past jobs. Film and television industry making commercials,documentaries and corporate videos.Runner. Set assistance helping out on sets. Photo shoots film shoots.Editing online and offline editing. Computer graphics and 3D animation.Photo retouching. Cutting pasting masking on computer. 3D animation.Duplicating at F.A.T.S. 2d animation. Children’s television network. Worked on several cartoons and commercials doing 2d traditional animation.  Drawing.Designed the character and showbag for the world veterans games at the MCG.