Join date: Feb 6, 2020


TolbertToz is Joy Tolbert and Tim Toz.

Tim is in South Jersey.

Joy is 150 miles north in New York, North of the City.

It's a long distance collaboration but close enough that they can get together for vocal sessions.

They originally came together through mutual friends on Soundcloud.

Joy heard one of Tim’s instrumental songs and wanted to put a melody and words to it.

“Tim was okay with the idea, but I could tell that he wasn’t sure what might come out of this” said Joy.

"Yes, this was all Joy's idea", says Tim with a laugh,

"But I'm glad she reached out on Soundcloud. I was writing a lot of instrumental music at the time and was thinking

I'd like to get back to Producing traditional songs. Then Joy appeared."

And so they continue as TolbertToz.