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Kelly Ross is passionate about supporting local bands and giving bands an opportunity to play their music on a live stage, in a professionally driven environment. Through Pulpitation Music Promotions, she runs a dedicated booking agency tailored to helping both up and coming as well as established metal bands. Through this, she organised the Lismore benefit event to raise funds after the devastation of Cyclone Debbie in Lismore. This was a three day event including more than 60 acts. Her all ages event, Outmoshyama ran in July of


2017 and runs again in June this year. It is focused on allowing the children of artists to experience the live music environment in which their parents play which is usually restricted to over 18s. The Lismore event for Metal United Down under 2017 was also single-handedly run by Kelly, incorporating 18 bands across a full day of music.

Pulpitation Music Promotions run regular gigs throughout Brisbane and Gold coast areas, working with industry professionals to support the industry with a cohesive and experienced team

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