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1996 in Melbourne, Australia, I started my company AUSUnsigned.  A promotional company for unsigned bands.  While working on and in our own band.  In 2004 I moved to the USA and continued to work with bands from Australia. In 2005 I started taking on US bands and quickly saw how different the industry was from Australia. Being disgusted with how bands were treated by venues and promoters, I made the decision to create BANDEMONIUM. An organization where musicians help musicians create an experience and network to build their success. I would love to make a difference and enough of a change to help artists, especially 

youth bands. Bandemonium has worked very hard to create relationships with many 'like minded' organizations, companies, charities and industry conttacts, to build the connections we needed to create something new, innovative and exciting in the industry.  I feel very blessed to have been able to meet all the wonderful people in the music industry. The most amazing experiences of my life., and the exceptinal team who help Bandemonium become what it is. I love all you guys. YOU ROCK!!!!!