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19 Oct 2018

What Is A 360 Deal In The Music Industry, And The Pros And Cons Of Signing One

Artists are offered a variety of deals and opportunities every single day.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of legitimate looking businesses that simply prey on artists and their desire to beco...

3 Oct 2018

| Author

Music Copyrights and Publishing

Let’s review some of the concepts covered in our Music Copyright and Music Publishing articles. Firstly, music copyrights are divided into two categories: music compositions and master recordings.

Music compositions do not r...

2 Mar 2017

After finally releasing their debut EP OCTORABBITSQUIDSKULLand having their song “CAGE” along with tracks “Hey Man” and “Beyond Here” make waves on the Triple J UnEarthed charts, and having all three songs currently being edited to be on the soundtrack of the new super...

24 Dec 2015

| Author

If one thing’s for sure, when you’re starting out as a musician, it all seems fairly… Easy, right? You learn to sing a few songs, notice that you have a distantly close friend who plays a guitar, have a jam, write a couple songs together, think “hey, we should become a...

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