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I have had a passion for music my whole life. My childhood was spent in New Jersey, where I was fortunate to have unlimited access to all types of music and media. When I was a teenager, I moved to Arkansas. I found it much more difficult to access the variety of music I was accustomed to. 
In 2001, I moved back to the East Coast (ending up just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) and started helping some bands I knew. Soon I decided I wanted to help more bands so in 2010, I formed CB Management and Promotions. I offered numerous services to bands including promotion on social media,  putting together shows, and giving touring bands a place to sleep, shower, and eat home cooked food

while on the road just to name a few. 

In early 2016, I came across a post on Facebook from Bandemonium. They were doing similar things for bands and more. I found that we shared the same passion, vision and determination to change the way bands are often treated in this industry and help them reach their goals. I knew immediately this was a company I wanted to work with. There is something very different and special about Bandemonium and that is the teamwork. EVERYONE helps EVERYONE, from the CEO to the artists on the roster. I am proud to be part of the Bandemonium team and look forward to helping artists reach a larger audience through airplay, interviews, press releases and more with all types of media outlets around the world.

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